All recent Firewall recruits, Team Sigma wakes up in new morphs with instructions for their first mission, Operation Glory.
Yet a two month gap lies in all their memories. What did they lose? Is this really their first work with Firewall? What did they See?
All they know is that they’re on Titan, and don’t know how or why, with a new base of operations.
What’s happening on Titan? What is Firewall Playing at?

All you know is that violence is on the rise here with clashes between the inner and outer realms. Political dissent is vibrant amongst all corners of of Aarhus.
Firewall claims to protect Transhumanity, and, for all you know, you simply couldn’t be trusted. For now it’s your only link to what happened, and what is happening here as Ontario Lacus begins to shift, methane waves rippling.

You’ll play these games for now.

you can’t remember why Firewall wanted you.

(banner image is the work of ron miller)

Waning Tide

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