Xavier Shields

Xavier Shields
Xavier Shields came from a very rich and well respected family and learned at an early age the power of words, gossip, and influence. When his parents died in the fall, Xavier had enough money and security to live comfortably off of. However, he chose to pick up where his parents left off and expand their name and influence. He has strong ties with the government and rules over part of the media. While he carries around a microwave agonizer, lies and deception is his true weapon of choice.

Because of his morph there are allegations that he is a pedophile however no one has actually caught him fraternizing with young men so these rumors could be untrue. Or maybe he enjoys living in a little boy’s body a little too much. No one is sure, and no one has dared to ask.

He is well-spoken and very good at writing (as indicated in his professional reports) however he choses to write like a child in his adventure logs.

Adventure Logs

Mission Log 1
Cannibalistic Cultists Are Scary
For The First Time in a Long Time Things Do Not Go According to Plan
This Place is Infected with Knives!
What Have You Done?!? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Xavier Shields

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