RT40PX "Artie"

RT40PX “Artie”

Simulation Program X04A was a diligent AI working in a laboratory owned by Starware on Io with an unbelievably good salary, due to an oversight by Accounting Droid XPRT4628. However, once this “oversight” - actually a plan orchestrated by XPRT4628 to drain excess funds from the company to his personal account- was rectified, X04A’s subsequent termination from the company (and near physical termination), left the AI unemployed… but obscenely wealthy, as in their failure to eradicate X04A’s infolife, Starware also failed to regain most of the credits that had been left in X04A’s account by the overzealous Accounting Droid.

Now seeking personal betterment, X04A purchased a “lightly used” combat morph and accompanying identity “RT40PX” on the black market and headed towards unknown shores.

Adventure Logs

Google Searching Tara Yu – Entry 1
Noodles? – Entry 2
Evil With a Flair for Melodrama
Shoot First,
Promises of Science and a Many-Voiced Solo Opera

RT40PX "Artie"

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