Waning Tide

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Finding Tara Yu
With missing memories, Sigma begins to track down Tara Yu

The team wake up separately in a resleeving facility on Aarhus. Immediately the quartet are contacted by Professor Magnus Quio-sen Ming, notifying them to meet him in his office at 18:00 hours. Their bodies feel familiar despite waking up in the facility.

His office is in a garden habitat on the shores of the methane sea. He lets the team know that Firewall wants them to find Tara Yu or recover her cortical stack. Tara Yu was researching the location of military hardware recovered from a station in Earth orbit that was destroyed during the Fall. She’s been missing for a month now. Not normally noteworthy with her work, but she missed her scheduled check in. She was last seen on Locus. Professor Magnus Quio-sen Ming also congratulates them on missions well done that he will not describe and that the team does not recall. He also casually mentions the current disruptions in the lake.

With this in mind, the team sets on to track down leads. RT40PX “Artie” performs some quick mesh research to discover Tara Yu kept her life very private, leaving little information publicly viewable. She kept her personal life and work life very separate. Attempts to speak to TAU coworkers reveal that they merely thought she was on sabbatical.

Carson Keller immediately begins to make overtures using his autonomist reputation to discover information about Tara Yu, after the group has attempted to contact the networks multiple times. But with a favor Carson manages to find that Tara Yu recieved two large favors from Mason wang and Morteza Bey.

Artie performs some basic research into each. Discovering that Wang is heavily involved with AI work at Tau, working on projects with Locus research pods. He is a part of Blue Pod. They discover Bey is young, an eco-activist, who runs a gardening blog. He was recently killed at Xiu’s Gardenhouse by unknown assailants. With a favor Carson manages to contact Antoin Saul, Bey’s ex-boyfriend. He lets them know about Bey’s recent death experience, while revealing that they have split to different feelings about reclaimer issues. He knew of Tara Yu hiring Bey, but not what for. With many failed attempts at persuasion Ilder Liar eventually intimidates into providing information on how to contact Bey, while severing the communication ties by igniting his fear and hatred of uplifts.
Armed with this information, Sigma secures a simulspace meeting with Bey due to their pulled autonomist reputation. He asks many direct questions of the group, and Carson accidentally spills some information about their secret organization and work. He shares that Yu convinced him via pitching the invasion of the White Khan ship to find the myrmidon tech as a reclaimer effort to figure out means to save earth, which he did since he knew Saul would appreciate it. He also informs Sigma that he sent a beta version of himself with Yu, but he knows little about that due to his death. He wants to avoid further involvement due to possible further deaths. He reveals that Yu boarded the White Khanh‘s ship Song Cai Flower since she believed they had the technology. He also shared two video clips he recovered from his beta fork. One showing the White Khanh’s second in command Dextor Vo consuming oddly red noodles, and another showing an only vaguely humaonid male walking through the room while Tara Yu hides.

Through a criminal research via Artie, they discover a lot of information about White Khanh gang and the ship. Due to the group’s lack of subtlety Patrona Vasquez contacts them asking what they are up to, extracting a promise for complete details, possibly violating Firewall’s operating procedures. She in exchange tells of the White Khanh’s descent into a cult and the recall of member’s to the base.

The group then pulls a favor to question Wang via simulspace. Broken up and full of guilt at believing to have caused the death of his occasional lover, he shares that he built Yu two AI’s one that rides a taller standard bot, Achilles and Tortoise which is full of advanced infosec technology. He helped her plan her break into the ship, but she did not return. The secret QR communicator sent him data, but it turned out to be infected by the glory virus, corrupting the fork that he had to completely delete. He could not share anything about the ship in detail or the myrmidon hardware.

After considering blackmail for more information, the checks with criminal networks turn up little on either Bey or Saul, and discard that avenue for acquiring how Bey is holding out.

Contacting Bey one last time, Sigma discovers that Yu and Bey contacted a former gang member, Zheng, and set out to contact her.
At first she sets very high demands of credits and transport, and does not bat an eye at the group’s attempts at intimidation. But when she discovers that Sigma is heading to the ship, she agrees to give them information if they recover her father’s dog tags on the ship, a precious memento from before the fall. With that, she shares schematics to the ship, and information about the virtual security systems. She emphasizes that the dog tags are in a duffel bag in the crew quarters. Strongly emphasizes. She tells the group that there are 8 people on the ship about. She rendezvousing with the Flower while it was en route, confirming that the station is not armed.

With that Sigma egocasts to Casa Arturo to secure transport to the Flower.

Google Searching Tara Yu
RT40PX L0G -- Entry 1

Woah, okay. I thought this was my first day on the job, but… apparently not, according to Professor Ming. This could make my job a little difficult, because my processor can’t seem to find any data resembling an “orientation day,” which really could have come in handy…

Did you know Firewall was supposed to be a SECRET organization?

Maybe I shouldn’t be blogging about our actions. Oh well.

It seems no one told Mister Keller, either. He let slip to Morteza Bey that we and the elusive Miss Yu were members of this elusive organization and Mister Bey seemed quite excited… But I’m sure that won’t come back to haunt us. I remember one time in my Sim days, I got a little bored so I made everything go UP for a week… and some of the drones got confused and started trying to weld themselves to the ceiling, which they thought was the floor. Poor fools. So I put it back to normal once production rates were getting a little TOO slow, but I left that bit of code in there just in case I got bored again… It might even still be in the system. Shouldn’t be a problem, unless my replacement decides to investigate “Run This It’s Really Fun.exe.”

But back on the adventure at hand. Despite Mister Keller’s slip up, Firewall did not try to dispose of us immediately and Mister Bey told us Miss Yu was last known to be boarding The Song Cai Flower, owned by the White Khanh… but that information doesn’t get us very far without the knowledge of who the White Khanh ARE.

Additional note: Reader beware, do NOT google “Who are the White Khanh” unless you are prepared to be drafted. Next time I think I should try using a proxy server.

Nevertheless, we found the information we were looking for and connections to lead us to the Song Cai Flower, all for a price that isn’t too heavy and only slightly breaks Firewall protocol… now if only we can figure out how to get on board without TOO many fresh holes in my morph, we’ll be good to go.

o ____ o
Hector: Log 1

o ____ o

Bad day.

Found no shinys. Found no oldies. Sold nothing. Stole nothing.

Woke up someplace new. Recognized the smell first. Only one kind of place in the universe has quite that mix of bleach and vomit. Squishes are rather disgusting when they can’t handle entering a new body, and they always feel this strange urge to sanitize the place even when they are just going to muck it up again. It was strange that my body felt the same though, I don’t know why I was there.

Don’t care.

Firewall has given me partners. Quite the gang of freaks. Thought the rich child might have something worth stealing, was disappointed. The factory made seems easily angered, but willing to make friends. Both these traits may be exploitable in the future. Plan on staying clear of that trigger happy robot. Dangerous.

Feathers seemed to be easily perturbed by my eye. Heh heh.

Just occurred to me, not entirely sure why I’m working with Firewall. This is of little consequence. Will be content as long as the missions lead to shinys.

Frustrated. Mission thus far has been all talking. The rest of the freaks have been fairly good at gathering information though. This has left me time to study the freaks. Through a long series of events we appear to be on our way towards attacking a ship and blowing up the life support.

That could be fun.

o ____ -o

Mission Log
Xavier Report 1

I’m glad I’m in a team instead of on my own for this mission. It sounds pretty hard I’m not sure if I could do it on my own. I’m excited too because I get to meet new friends…we don’t really get along just yet but I’m sure I just need to be a little friendlier towards them.

Artie is really funny. Maybe because it’s a robot and was programmed that way? It’s a really good information-gatherer but seems a little naive.

Mr. Keller accidentally told someone that Ms. Yu worked for Firewall. It was supposed to be a secret! He’s pretty funny, though but he’s got a short temper when it comes to his missing memory and doesn’t trust anyone yet. He still owes me 5,000 credits.

I don’t know much about Mr. Hector yet. He can put grenades in people’s pockets and has a weird eye.

Ms. Ilder Liar is very nice, but very scary when she fluffs up her feathers and makes a weird ’caw’ing noise. It scared Mr. Saul into giving us information about Mr. Bey; I hope we can be friends, her ability to intimidate is something I don’t have and seems very useful. She doesn’t seem to trust others either but I’m sure we’ll get along in time.

After much research we found Ms. Yu was last seen on a ship that’s now full of cultists. We’ve also promised we’d report back with what’s happening on the ship which could be troublesome. Ms. Vasquez told us the layout of the ship and how many people are currently on board but in exchange for information of what is going on. I need to watch what I say around her, I can’t tell her everything and I most definitely cannot leak any information that can lead to Firewall. I also promised Ms. Zheng I’d find her father’s dog tags that’s in the crew quarters of the ship. I need to find and return those to her as well.

We’re going to make a surprise attack on the ship and hopefully find Ms. Yu and hopefully not die. Both of those would be nice.
Well, maybe you shouldn't screw with my memory
Carson: Log 1

Okay, okay. Firewall?

Apparently a secret.

After kidnapping us (because really, if we were volunteers, why take our memories?), they expect a bunch of good little operatives who won’t bitch about them to every contact in the solar system. I swear, if I didn’t know they would just take more memories for disobedience, I would tell them to shove it up their ass and write a serious of bestsellers, exposing them for the crappy Torchwood knockoff they really are. Damn, not even writing is calming me down…

So this professor gives us a name, and tells us to figure out why she stopped coming back to do their dirty work. Personally, I thought she just suddenly discovered she was working for a buncha miserable douchebags, and made the obvious decision. Unfortunately, a little inquiry traced her back to a pirate freighter in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, possibly infected and almost certainly dead. Since dicking around online and burning up all my favors with the @ was SO MUCH FUN, we decided to bust in commando-style and take out the ship.

I hope my teammates can fight; I’m a doctor not a soldier.

Oh wait I have a big-ass gun never mind.

Ilder log 01

Woke up today to one of those resleeper chamber things. I immediately checked to see if I was in my morph, phew. Feathers, beak, and all my shit is here! Excellent. I appear to be in my Morph. My muse informed me I was on Titan and not 1 second after that I get some message from some Professor…Professor..FUCK I cannot even imagine pronouncing that garbled surname! I’ll just call him Prof Ming. Anywho. To meet up there at 18:00 hours in his office or something? Arriving at the office, which is in a beautiful location by the way. We were told we are looking for some missing agent or something, I honestly already forgot her name. I’ll be sure to re-ask someone before we go on our mission. Also met my new team apparently! I take a good look at them…we are quite the odd bunch, and not even because I’m the owl in the room. We’ve got a Slytheroid/thing who wont stop zooming in and out his creepy ass robot eye, a rich guy in a kids body, some person who’s obsessed with keeping his memories, and a reaper droid.


Team of winners right here

Oh yeah I totally flipped this guy over in a video conversation I used “THE LOOK” and I don’t know if he has a bird phobia or something but that worked WAY better than it ever does getting information out of people!! I almost beamed at how well that conversation went, compared to the one where we COMPLETELY BLAB WHO WE WORK FOR…yeahhhh..We practically have some huge label ‘NEW GUYS’ on our foreheads.

Death, Mothers, and Infilitration
Overview 2

After brokering new, same type morphs at the resleeving on Casa Arturo the team egocasts over, and resleeves. The players adjust admirably aside from RT40PX “Artie” who integrates terribly although the body does not feel foreign to him, he cannot work it properly.
With that Team Sigma begins to inquire into finding a space transport to travel 100,000 km ahead in the Trojans to the Song Cai Flower. the notion of calling in yet another favor is quickly discarded by all, and though Hector seems to favor stealing a ship Sigma decides to contact Professor Magnus Quio-sen Ming and secure a SLOTV through Firewall channels and i-reputation.
With ease Carson Keller pilots the ship directly toward the White Khanhs. With brilliant skill he spots the power put out by theKesyrah, which turns out to be the ship that Tara Yu used to clamber aboard. The team temporarily disembarks to investigate. They find the airlock cut open and the ship torn apart and stripped of useful parts. A dead, stackless, flexbot morph sits in a seat. With a bit of recognition, they realize it is the sleeve of Morteza Bey‘s beta fork. Hector scours the ship for useful parts, coming away with useful infosec equipment.
Quickly scanning the outward appearance of the ship, Sigma lands in the vacuum of a docking spar. The umblicious of the entry is broken leading to their easy entrance. LLOTVs belonging to gang lie picked apart for parts. While in the docking spar Hectorinterfaces with the mesh finding footage and showing it to the team. A human being ground into noodles while watching is being eaten by Dexter Vo and Ji, a gang member occupying Tara’s former morph as Xavier Shields determined via his astute ability to read body language. Traumatized Artie flies into hysterics, and cannot act properly while Ilder Liarbecomes panicked and dizzy. While there Hector discerns that there are alien humanoids about as well as those who seem mostly human. In the ops center a strange mass rests. In the utility center connected to the docking spar he finds one drone.
Artie retreats to the safety offered by the ship. Entering the utility center the drone spots them and tries to flee, but suffers severe wounds from Carson’s full-auto pistol. The group examines the utility center, and Hector uses plasma grenades to sabotage the life support, causing it to cease producing oxygen, leading to no oxygen in the ship within 8 hours. Hector connects to the local mesh again and finds that all the drones have gathered in the next door machine yard, and are devouring the shot drone, causing trauma to Hector who immediately refuses to connect to the mesh again. the team decides to sabotage the door to blow when the drones come through, wounding them with dwindling oxygen. While fleeing back to the SLOTV Wei, the security AI, detects their presence at last. And with strange coyness begins to try to infect them and prevent their flying into the sun to spread the Hive. Carson sends his muse to seduce and distract WEI, but infects his muse with the glory virus who then shuts down after sending him bursts of strange images, sounds and senses. With the drones’ wounds they are unable to retrieve the VAC suits or repair the life support algae.
Carson’s muse reboots and tries to hack his sock to use him to craft a new HIVE and begin the process of the Glory virus once again.
Sigma retreats to SLOTV for eight hours, and Carson consoles Artie, easing his trauma with little expertise.
Returning in protective suits, the team finds the bloodied and dead bodies of the vaguely alien drones. Cautiously Ilder Liar, covered with a chameleon cloak, enters the machine yard that the drones originated from. She observes all the heavy equipment, as well as strangely military hardware that must be the Myrmidon hardware Tara Yu was researching. Above it lies a strange nanobot hive. Carson enters the room, but then Wei alerts the breeders that they are once more being invaded. Ilidar immediately suffers trauma through dizziness and disorientation at the sight of these monstrosities. These incredibly alien former humans turn out to eschew the need for oxygen, now that they are fully informed. Xavier as well rushes into the room while Hector skulks about in the utility room. Xavier flees while Carson is brutally stabbed psychically, feeling the pressure of chopped limbs and stomach wounds. When Xavier flees one breeder uses her abilities to sense egos to accidentally detect Ilidar’s cloaked bird morph.
With that, her suffering begins. The team concocts a plan to bomb them with Hector’s grenades, but their plan to wait for Carson and Ilidar to get out fails. While Carson escapes, Ilidar’s suit is ripped open with a sword and they begin to consumer her alive. Hector peers in and skillfully lands a grenade in the breeder’s mist and Carson slams the door shut. Ilidar dies in flames, and the team uses both the airlocks and grenades to decimate all but one of the original four breeders that attacked them. When they return the last female breeder, clinging to life who shoots down Carson into unconsciousness as Xavier and Hector finish her off. The dead body releases biospores of the Glory virus which try to infect Hector through his pierced suit, but fail, and retreat to the nanobot hive.
Xavier carts Carson back to the SLOTV, and stabilizes him. Hector meanwhile slinks about the ship, securing Ilidar’s cortical stack and the dogtags of Zheng‘s father.
Then with slow movements Hector secures the hardware into his grasp. He then sneaks with chameleon cloak on top into the ops center. There he sees a breeder fucking a former woman who now is skin the coats the walls with embryos writhing inside her and controls sticking through her flesh. He croons to her, soothing the mother. Hector, repulsed, snags Tara Yu’s cortical stack, but then is found by the AI. He makes a daring escape and the psychic powers of the brood mother lash out at sigma as Xavier manages a take off at the last second, with untrained mind.
Contacting Ming, He mentions the unruly methane seas but congratulates the team on a job mostly well done, mentioning that Tara Yu has been re sleeved, Firewall will cover their therapy and resleeving costs. The ship does still pose a threat with the waiting infection it represents. Tara Yu is grateful though still mentally recovering. Vasquez collects her information warily, suspicious of lies, but Xavier manages to deceive her into believing their tale of a cult. Sigma reports Tara Yu’s rented craft to Casa Arturo, recieving reputation increases.

RT40PX L0G -- Entry 2

Oh. It feels like I resleeved sideways. I just can’t get anything right today.

But I don’t mind, it just looks like I’m going to have to leave a little more up to my more than capable allies for a little while. Just look at Mister Keller! He’s a superb pilot, and he even managed to spot Tara Yu’s cloaked ship!

The Song Cai Flower has been pretty easy to get into, so far, the docking bay wasn’t even guarded… nor was it oxygenated, but that’s hardly an issue, right? Hector is probing the security system as we speak, and then he’s going to hack the door to get us inside— normally that would be my job, but it’s kind of tough when your brain is sideways.

Oh! It looks like Hector is done! … and he’s got some security footage! Looks like Miss Yu! She’s up against Dextor Vo… I thought she was on our side. Organisms are strange. Is their drive to reproduce that strong? Oh, and there’s someone on the floor… why is he in a sack? What’s that he’s being pulled into? What’s… WHAT?! Noodles? Noodles? NoodleS? NoODLeSS nOOdElS N̵̶̞̮͈̹̳͓̺͖̗̲̞͙̟̙͔̩̭ͧ̾ͩͭͦͨ̌͆ͅo̵̢͓͚̳̳͍̬ͪ͂́̌ͥ̏ͪ́ͅȏ̸ͫͧ̐ͭͧͦ̓̓̍̈́҉̠̟͚͙͎̩̀ͅͅͅd̸̨̙̻͎̘͖͕̱̙́̓͒͝l̴̂ͤ̀̅ͩ͐ͧ̑҉͈̦͚͖̬͞ͅę̛̘͎̹̩̖̘͇̊̇̅͒͗̿͒ͮ̉͑̚̚͝s̡̗̥̪̦̭͙̖̜̭̳̪͉̻͈͇̰̦̑͛ͦͨͦ̀͟͜͠ ̷̛̥̠̙͈̱͕̹̱̹͎̭ͫ̓ͪ̂̀͊̉̂̇́͞N̵̡͔͎̟̳̙̬̹̪̼̝̝͈̙̗̹̺͈ͭͬ̂͐͗ͪ̊̇ͩ̐̀o̵̴̬̭̣͖̟͇̖͎͖͇ͫͬͨ̌ͩ͌͛̔ͦ̅̓ͧ̂͡o͎̭̳͈̎ͨ̈̽͋̕͢ḑ̷̧̛̰̫̜͚̰̹̤͇̼̠̺̘̲̜͔̭̤̫̝̋̈̂̓͛͂͌̎ͦͤ͑͠l̷̵͎͖͉̹͚͇̲̱̠̯̮̙̹̫̬̭̃ͤ͑ͧͬ͛͘ͅe̛̼̳̥̲͉͎̤̥͍̪͈̦̰͖ͤ̊̇ͧs̡̡̪̗̤͕̲͕̩̗̠̠̗͕̙ͪ̈́ͧ̀ͧͯ̍̑͂͆ͨ̍͌͘ͅͅ ̵̵̩̟̝̪͕̭̜͍̹̳͓͙̭͈̗͍̯̻̙̔ͮ̔͊ͥ͒̆̈ͯ̍ͬͫ̋ͩ̿͐̋̚͝͝N̡̨̥͇̫̹̰̰̼͉̤͖̳̾͐̉̔ͬ̊̋̃̈́͘͞͝ŏͫ̉͊̉̅ͯ̌̉ͩ҉̵̣͓̬͇̫̻̻̜̀͡ǒ̴͉̪̥̟̺ͤ̓ͬ͛̆̀̇͛͗ͭ͑ͭ͋́ͨͬ̌ͭ͜d̮͓̯͈͎̺͚͇͖̰̙̙̤͚͍̘̞̮ͨͤͮ͛ͧͤ͛̀̔̕͞ͅl̹̫̞̮̪͎͉̺̫̞̼͖̤̜͈̝̰̞͎̍ͪ̔̇ͬ͆̓ͭ̕͢͡e̢̛̬̺̰̪̯̣̞̭̗̳͔͎̬͇̹̹̞̾̓͗͒ͭ̆̋ͩͨ̃̃̌̒͒ͤͤ̓͛̀̀͞sͯ̈́͋̉͡҉̤̱̯̬͔̪͕̗̜͇̟̱͕̱͚͟ ̵͍͔̖̫ͮ̎͊ͩ̆͑͟͠N̩͖͚͉̱̳̙͔̮͇͖̥̫͔͗̃͛ͤ͂ͤ͒͒͟o̷̡̻̜̭̩̱̣̻͖͇̳̪̺̙̟̯͎ͬ̇̽͌̇̍̒̾̌̋ͣ̉̚ò̹͇̜͔̬̬̦̱̟̖̭̱̖̙̩̤̯̳͓̑ͪ̈́͟͞d̡̐ͯ̅̓̓ͥͤͫ̅͊̀̓̓ͩ҉̢̡̩̤̱͉̪͈̰̲͢l̵̢̆̐ͫ̑̑̋͑̎͢҉̵͚͓̲̬̺͕̥̠̱̼̲̭̫͈̝͎̙e̵͕̱͉̰̺͎̖̤̳͔͚̺̠̱̠̖͉ͨ̽̏̇̂̀͞ͅs̶̶̛̬͚̪͉͚̫̲̦̰͔͂̄̓ͭ̈̑͌̚

i͔̋ͤͧ̍͗ͯͅ ̨̜͚̰̖͓͊̊ḍ̩̮̻̬̮̝o̙̪̻͕͕̿͝ͅn̰͕̠͛͂ͧ͒̓̔͌’̷̳̳͚͓̂͛̐̿̈͂̈ͅt̍͑̈́̐͋ͤ͜ ̛́͑̅̆̚b͍̩̘̲̤̺̈͗ͭ̓ͮͥ͜l̼̫̘͔͎̪̈a̙̱̳̖ͪ͌̄͗ͭm̝̗̣̿̅̎̔́e̯̩͍̬͖ ̢̥̹̦̑̆̏̓̆̒̌y̬̳͚̺̤͇̓̒̄͌̓͟öͯ͂ŭ̙̥̗ͯ͐́

Ilder log 02

Where to even begin.

Oh geez..

I know I was joking at us being a odd team but man.

ANYWAY I’ll get to telling you about our NEAR FAILURE FIRST MISSION, at least from what I remember of it……..

So I make the agreement to rent a falcon Morph for resleeving, while I mean it shouldn’t be that big of a difference between my old Morph it just isn’t the same. I was sure I’d get over it though.
After looking around and a favor we did get a hold of a ship. Whats-his-face…Keller really surprised me he didn’t look like he could fly a ship that well. But with almost perfect precision we took off flew into space. We find a cloaked ship on an asteroid that after some searching we find out if was the girl who’s missing’s ship! It was really creepy how empty it was..

Then we fly off to our main destination, The Creepiest Ship Ever, that the gang..White Khanh? The ships appearance is odd..to put it simply. Keller lands the ship just fine and we put on our space suits to a too easy landing…I don’t know what I was expecting but this just seemed..to easy…I guess it worked out better that way we had time to plan by which I mean we don’t plan we kind of just run outside. The creepy snake bot was hacking away at the door and showed us ONE OF THE MOST DISTURBING VIDEOS I’VE NEVER WANTED TO SEE. So, I’m not sure if I talked about this last time, but we found a video while doing our totally public searching this guy eating these weird red noodles and none of us thought twice. Well, FIGURED OUT WHAT THAT WAS.



Yeah! I-isn’t that swell! They just, GRIND PEOPLE THE FUCK UP AND FUCKING EAT THEM


So while I start getting dizzy, ARTY, YEAH the ROBOT almost goes insane. Who knew the 2 ton gun was so affected by people? While everyone else seems unaffected. We all agree Arty should go back into the ship, since hes so spooked. We enter the first room to find someone at the sight of us DASH OFF and in a half second whats his face tries to shoot him down but fails. After much discussion we decide to take out the life support and come back in about 8 hours for me and Arty to calm down and we figured the mission would be much easier with most of the organics dead.

So we come back later and everything seems exactly the same, ’cept with some bodies on the floor.

I carefully put on my chameleon cloak and sneak out the door into the machine yard. There is heavy equipment everywhere. A weird nano hive is above my head.
Then Carson enters the room setting off alarms and to find these horrible creatures the team quickly nick names “raptors” because without the tail that’s what they look like. They have these spikes on their back, three digits a huge set of teeth, their eyes are all messed up. ALSO SOMEHOW THEY DON’T NEED OXYGEN, WHAT THE FUCK. Luckily they haven’t detected me. But I’m paralyzed stiff. I do not want them to ever notice me. They are just.

So terrifying.

I tell myself over and over I need to get my head into the game for my team but I just can’t. I can notice that I’m dizzy again and now panicing. Which is just great.

I briefly notice the boy run in and out of the room, I suspect he’s terrified of them as well..

Carson is busy shooting as I look at my own tools I regret not buying a long distance weapon.

He is beaten badly and I am noticed!!!







Then everything goes white as I scream out my last words into our shared network.



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