Waning Tide

What Have You Done?!? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Xavier Report 5

I am very, very, very tired of being polite.

Professor Ming calls the team together to discuss what we saw on the tape. He explains that we were killed during a mission several months ago in an investigation regarding the methane lakes and is willing to give us more information and the coordinates of where we last seen but he will have to tell Firewall. Before I can even begin questioning him, Keller whips out his gun but I hold him at agonizorpoint while I persuade Professor Ming to give us more information, thinking some of it might calm Keller down.

It does just the opposite. The professor tells us that our old selves may have survived the mission and gives us coordinates to where we were last seen. Keller goes into a rage and points his gun at the professor. I tase him in the neck, only to find out he’s immune to pain. Nonononono I can’t let him shoot I can’t be labeled as a criminal I will not let you—


Professor Ming calls security I roughly grab Keller’s shoulder and hear myself scream: “You dumb fuck!!” as my childlike voice cracks.

I run to the aircraft with the rest of the team (aircraft full of convicts) and we take off with Keller as the pilot.

After a few minutes of hostile silence, Keller speaks up, “Okay…so I may have overreacted a little.”
“But I know what will make us feel better.” He smiles and waves MY RARE PRE-FALL COMPACT DISK I HAD PACKED WITH ME and gets his dirty, blood-stained hands all over the mirror band.
Unfortunately, my small childlike hands cannot wring his neck so I settle with the next best thing: uncomfortable ship silence.

Under da sea~

In order to get back in our good graces, Keller suggests he stay on the ship, and gives me his sidearm as a gift. “You really want us to trust you again?” He nods and tells me “more than anything”. I point the gun at him: “Then you’ll come with us.”

I’ve allowed Keller to move no further than ten feet and he is to search each room first for traps.

We discover a small hut with scribbles all over the walls. This inspires me to leave a message.

Firewall has come for us. After the investigation of the buildings, I’m not sure I trust them anymore…I yell at the armored men that I’ve been taken hostage, but quickly dart back inside and hide inside a ventilation shaft. No one will find me here.

I’ve been found.

Log 05

I feel like I start off these things too often by wondering how much more we could be in the category of ‘fuck ups’ but every time my mind is just blown away.
The Fuck.

So it starts off perfectly ordinary, Ming asks us to come to his office and we all arrive promptly and such, this is where things start trailing off from the usual. He locks the door and turns off networking to reveal the information we had asked a while ago about what we had done the last few months that no one can remember. Turns out, we had died on our first mission. (go team failure go) Exploring some methane lake?? We are actually back ups of our originals. I’m a little, ok more than a little, totally shocked. I stare at my fingers in my wings. I feel like the others bodies are more easily copied than mine, being that uplifted Owls are no longer a common thing really anymore. As if uplifts will ever really be common. I shudder to think who I was, or what I am. Or maybe I’m not even living maybe the whole time I was some type of super advanced android to think I was living.

Then things get really fucked up, I had almost forgotten, but Carson had this whole thing where he hated branches of peoples minds and bodies, and was glad he was the only copy he knew of himself. He totally flipped out over Ming’s big reveal and threatened to shoot him. The little kid, Xavier, surprised me and had Carson down for a short while using his little stun gun, thing. While persuading Ming to tell us more! He says, after seeing the video from The Nancy of Me and Carson with the hive and I yell “WHAT VIDEO?” me and Artie are quickly shown the video of me and Carson releasing the hive of nanobots in The Nancy. While I’m pretty sure that isn’t me and I’d never think to do that, as of 5 minutes ago I’m not totally 100% sure anymore. I wish I had taken the risk to look at it back when everyone else did.

Ming thinks we didn’t die the way they had originally thought and gives us some coordinates to the lake we were first at, admitting he will tell Firewall he’s told us this info.

Keller just completely lost whatever he had left after getting up from the kids stun earlier and shoots Ming in the knee!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM HE WAS HELPING US!?
Ming immediately presses the panic button, unlocking the door we came in.

I no longer want to be any part of this plan, wherever it was going, so I promptly leave with Xavier and Hector. Walking quickly back to the ship but not running so I don’t draw any extra attention, Swearing to myself the whole way.

After we get to the ship Xavier and I start debating whether we should just leave Carson behind or not and Artie says “We should wait for him” I GLARE at him wondering how moronic you have to be to have such thoughts. I also notice in that time that Hector is going through all of our things, when Carson comes back, SOAKED in blood. He gets it all over everyone by shaking himself and COME ON, it takes FOREVER for me to clean these feathers!!! Asshole. Since he is the only one who knows how to fly the ship well, he flies over to the coordinates we were given and lands. No one wants to leave him here despite how tense Xavier and I are about him currently, because he’ll obviously just leave with the ship. So now he has to go first though setting off any traps we encounter.

Everyone gets off the ship and there are three buildings inside a shattered dome, if you want to call the small hut a building. Sets of footprints are in the ground but don’t appear to be ours…Or at least I can’t tell anyhow. We investigate the hut to find a bunch of scribbles I can’t read and pictures on the wall. Apparently this is some sort of message room. The first building has body parts in jars and other medical equipment. It reminds me of the labs from my youth and I get painfully nostalgic. The second building has living quarters and an office. Seeing as I still can’t read I check out the living quarters and notice lots of people have gone through here, and left 17 cents in the couch, yes!! There is also a wallet, knowing how much Hector likes those I leave it where I found it.

We leave to be shot at by 6 people who have just jumped down from the roof, the bullet pinging off of Hectors body. They claim they are from firewall, but something tells me they really aren’t, or are connected to ourselves from before. While bullets are being fired all around and from both sides, I take a flight upward to get an arial view of the area. Nothing other than their ship and ours really stands out at the first glance I get, but I’m quickly shot at and end up spending all my time dodging most of the bullets. One of the bullets hit me and I begin to spiral down. Before I hit the ground though I fly back up and get a much clearer look. There are a bunch of really specific containers to hold us all, even a Bird Cage for me. They’ve obviously done this before. I begin to wonder which copy I even am, since it seems we might not be the second at all.

After the battle is over I fly over to congratulate the team before being immediately knocked out by shadowy figures.

Methane Morphs
overview 5

Ming summons the team to speak to them about the footage uncovered in the previous mission. He informs them, once again in his office, network off and door locked, that their first mission was to investigate mysterious activities around the methane lakes. The team died and firewall restored them from backup months later. Ming seems hesitant to reveal more and Carson prepares to shoot him and threaten him. Xavier holds Carson at bay while persuading Ming to reveal more. Ming then states he suspects the team might not have perished like he was told. He can give the team the coordinates, but he will be telling firewall.
Carson begins to shake and decides that enough is enough, angry that Ming doesn’t want to be hurt, he shoots and him and Ming triggers the University’s emergency panic button. Everyone but Hector reacts with panic. Artie hacks the system to try and delay the university’s rent a cops, but everyone else begins to briskly escape.
Carson executes Ming due to his identity crisis. while ilder and xavier debate in their waiting craft whether to simply abandon him. Hector takes the opportunity to riffle through everyone’s belongings. Artie however wants carson to stay, and thus , covered in blood, after having stumbled his way out, guns blasting, carson boards the ship.
Through a long, tension-filled flight the team arrives at the coordinates. Carson tries to convince the others to let him wait in the craft, but no one agrees.
They arrive at small lakeside habitat. It has a shattered dome surrounding two larger buildings and one small building. Many footprints
With hostility the team investigates the small ‘hut’. Messages and papers cover its walls, including one large stating “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.” Closely examining it though the rest appears to be in code. Carson takes note for later.
The next building appears to be a large lab area, with limbs and such floating in pods. Artie hacks into the system, observing that it appears to have been a facility focused on designing and making methane morphs, appearing to be one lab doing modular work. Carson finds tools arranged just as his would in the operating room, and is horrified, but snatches the tools.
Xavier starts to wonder if he has left messages for himself before, and quickly leaves one for himself.
The last building contains a myriad of supplies, beds, healing pods, a nanofabricator, all appearing to be recently used. Artie examines the office, finding correspondence between the methane morphs and the team, about refining the bodies and indications of their terrorist activity and plots to destroy the domes of the various large Titan cities.
Ilder pursues a spartan living quarters, finding evidence of many, different dwellers.
As they exit, dropping down from the roof of the lab building, are 6 armored individuals.
A bullet clinks against hector, as they announce that the team can just come back to firewall, and everything will be explained.
The team fights. Hector detonates grenades via roaches while he cloaks, and Ilder flies up high to examine the ship. Xavier goes into hiding in the building. The team suffers heavy injuries, with carson, passing out, near death.
Ilder is clipped and spirals downward, but rights herself and spots well-worn restraints for their team on the roof.
A long arm snatches xavier, and drags him out. three figures, tall and spindly with gills, not in suits, announce they are here to help. They help take out the reminder. Artie also suffered heavy wounds.
In the midst of victory congratulations the new comers knock out Ilder and Xavier, and then as Hector and Artie take that in, shock them into silence.

Innocent until you can prove that guy was me
Carson: Log 4

So, if my lawyer was still alive, he would make me not say anything until he showed up. As he is long dead, I can only speculate what sort of advice he would give me. I’ve decided to cut off all contact with everyone I know and buy a lot of guns to prove my patriotism. This can only make me look more innocent. Maybe I should secure some unregistered spacecraft, so I could show up to the court case quickly and leave a good impression…

So, everyone was dead on the Nancy. It looks like it was some sort of nanobot virus, and more importantly, it looks like Ildar and I did it. I have no idea what’s going on with that footage, but I’m sure my due process will show my obvious innoce-OH SHIT SOMEONE HELP ME!

Someone is screwing with me, and I may or may not be flipping all of the shits. All else is on hold until I figure out who’s framing me, and when I find that asshole, it won’t matter that I’m a healer at heart. He’ll die from a tragic case of heart failure. By bullet. In the chest.

Because I shot him.

This Place is Infected with Knives!
Xavier Report 4

We found a room full of useful items and psychoactives! Mr. Keller said i could have them that’s so nice of him. I’ve been running low on them lately so I’ll make sure to stock up when I get back home.

Artie was able to hack into security like last time to see if it could provide us with any clues as to what went on here. Everyone on the team except for Mr. Keller and I look away from the footage, and what I see is very disturbing…It’s Mr. Keller and Ms. Liar in this exact room…and it shows them opening a container of nanobots. After it’s finished and the tape goes blank, I look over at Mr. Keller and he looks just as confused as I am, but he wont speak to me about the matter. I see him peer over to something in the back of the room. It’s a container…and it’s shaking….

They’re on me, and they bit me. I can feel it in my skin and veins and blood. It starts to itch at first and I resist it, then it starts to burn. I can hear my teammates moving out into the hallway and I know I wont be able to make it. Before Mr. Keller leaves, I grab his forearm and tell him I haven’t forgotten what’s on the video and if he turns out to be a threat to the mission or my teammates I’ll make sure he dies. I take cover in a ventilation shaft, and hear the sound of fighting. The zombies must be all over the freighter by now and I decide to stay put until Artie takes care of them. I can hear gunfire and the sound pierces through my skull and nerves. I need to get rid of the sound ithurtsithurtsITHURTSITHURTS

All better! Artie’s taken care of the zombies in the hallway so we both proceed to the elevator. I resist the urge to pull off my skin as we run to the ship.

I want to stay awake. I need to let Firewall know what I know but Ms. Liar gives me tranquilizers as soon as i get back on.

If Mr. Keller and Ms. Liar really are ….. then they know I know their secret and they will come after me. However, if Mr. Keller really is innocent, then why wont he just say so?

o ____ —o

o ____ —o

Heh Heh Heh Heh.

Today. Today hehe, today was a good day.

Mission sent us to a scumbarge. Arrived to find some dead bodies, walls covered in blood, the foul stench of death and decay. The usual, Home sweet home.

Was fairly excited when the ship landed. Was going to scrounge around some, see what I could dig up. However, before I could even get my tail out of the door, the entire party runs out of this ship like jackals tearing up and pocketing anything they can find.

This disgusted me. There is a fine art to looting. This is why I work alone.

The majority of the goods found didn’t interest me. Until I saw that smug look on the factory made’s face. He had taken it from me. What he had taken was mine. I just hadn’t found it yet. And he knew it too.

The way he looked at me when he passed me. He knew that I was going to take it from him. He was goading me. Was not about to fall for that. I am much more clever then that.

I waited.

Some zombie infection thing happened. I wasn’t paying much attention. Until I saw my opportunity.

Allow me to set the scene:

I have made it to an elevator while avoiding the zombies.
The factory made is infected and struggling to get down the hallway to the very same elevator.

This is where I was to take back what was mine. The choice was his. His life, or what he has stolen from me.

He made a wise decision today. I even gave him 20%. How nice of me.

So there we are. Me, haven just taken back what was rightfully mine. Him, clawing his cheap excuse for a face off with his bare hands due to the infection. Smooth jazzy elevator music playing as we head down.

“Weather’s been nice”. I say, speaking for the first time sense we have met.

If you are not beside yourself with laughter at this point in the story you need to check your brain for damage. I really am a master of many crafts.

Heh heh heh heh heh.

The joke is there is no weather in space.

o ____ -—o

Log 04

So we are on the way to The Nancy in our fancy rented ship, I’m a bit nervous we aren’t using another body, thing, I have already forgotten what the official term is. Anyway I have the confidence that we will not completely fuck up this mission. Or I did. I seem to still have

After Artie, the talking gun, hacked us in and we exit the ship I immediately feel uneasy with this low gravity, the only advantage being it makes my new gun much easier to drag around. It’s kind of heavy in normal gravity situations. Then I noticed on the wall written in blood ‘INFECTION’ and almost feel sick in my gizzard. I really need to get the fuck over this shit, it happens EVERY MISSION. I mean really, I should be over this, these dead bodies, you can’t have a firewall mission without dead bodies. Look there they are now, being dead. Maybe it’s the INTENSE ODOR that will never leave that puts me off.

After noticing the cause of death was a toxic mining gas, I ask Carson to check to see if the dead bodies have an infection that was cryptically left on the wall near by. After doing so we start exploring the area cautiously and discover a room filled with drugs! Sweet, precious, sometimes mind altering drugs. I shouldn’t be this excited but anything to calm me down now and in the future would be a great help on these incredibly freaky missions. I take a look around and my muse indicates some stress relief yogurt. I take a handful of them for my personal use and keep looking around.

We take an elevator up and find what was the Bazaar. More dead bodies! My favorite. They are curled up and have their tongues and ears ripped out…It’s really fucking disturbing. I keep moving and looking around so I don’t focus too long on any one body or thing.

We move on to the third floor, which is apparently the security floor. As the doors open I notice the same odor of death and decomposition as the other two and see the dead body on the floor, with the message no one can read. Hector and I decide to sneak in the operations room carefully with our invisibility gear and see two more dead bodies and their disgusting remains across the floor. We call the rest of the group in, and Artie starts hacking the system. He says he’s found something but with his, incredibly stable programing and my gizzard in knots we both don’t see the footage. Carson makes a horrifying face and I assume it was how everyone died, or not. I’m not really sure I care anymore. Waiting for their video to end, I notice a odd container on the ground. After the video Nanobots swarm out of it and into the corpses and START COMING BACK TO LIFE__ IF YOU COULD CALL BEING A ZOMBIE ALIVE. I instantly start panicking and my eyes dash across the room for exits or trees or anything and I start backing up into the wall from these HORROR TERRORS!

I have a brief moment of relief as I remember my new gun is at my side and attempt to take aim and shoot, and miss terribly, then I get back to panicking and my heart is doing back flips front flips OH FUCK I HAVE TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

I put my gun on my back and open my wings fully and flap as hard as I can in the direction of the elevator. I see Carson reaching out and I attempt to help him into the elevator with my tallons and miss completely. Perched on Hector in elevator while panicking I observe Hector and Carson arguing about some old earth treasure he found at the beginning of the mission and I just want to gauge both their eyes out repeating over and over in my head “WE NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW!”. They finally agree on something and the doors close. I hear an explosion go off as we descend lower and lower.

While descending I discover that Carson is still holding the EVIL HIVE with him and he is clawing at his face,cursing his own senses. I look away as to not get fully traumatized while in the elevator. In between screams of pain Carson asks that I take the horrid thing back to the ship and I immediately refuse to even touch the object, he insists that it will be important to the mission and I agree seeing as we went through all of this trouble I might as fucking well, to avoid any return missions. I turn off my networking to prevent infection from any remaining bots inside the hive.

As the doors slowly open my only thought is to FLY THE FUCK AWAY. When the doors were completely open I take to the odd gravity skies and fly over the other reanimated corpses and into the ship, locking the door behind me. I throw the evil object into a random room and lock that door as well, and take a huge breath of relief, I’m alive.

I suddenly remember all the yogurt I had taken earlier and devour two containers. I can feel the stress melting away. A few deep breaths later and I’m more than ok, I’m AWESOME. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. Moments pass before I remember to turn back on my network and tell everyone about the other reanimated corpses near the ship. I kind of doze off into my own world for the next few hours remarking how awesome everything is as the rest find their way back to the ship.

Full Automatic with a Hair Trigger
RT40PX L0G -- Entry 4

Honestly, I expected breaking into a scumbarge fronting a black market bazaar would be a lot harder, but 20 seconds of snooping and I managed to get us in AND landed myself admin privileges to boot.

If only I could make our team be a cohesive group just as easily. Mister Keller and Hector never can get along. I have no idea what they were fighting over this time, I turned away pretty quickly after Mister Keller found those bodies… The blood on the wall warned us of “foreign infection,” so it might have made sense at that point to switch off our communications temporarily, like we did on our last mission… what? no? We’re not doing that? Okay then.

Most of the rest of the barge proved to be of little interest to us— only a few uniquely interesting weapons that we couldn’t safely examine, a storage hangar filled to the brim with drugs, wonderful drugs (unfortunately nothing that could help a poor pure artificial entity… say, a physics simulator with an unfortunate inability to cope with stress), and a poorly labeled room on the ground floor— until we got to the top floor.

Thanks to Mister Liar and Hector’s fearless reconnaissance of an empty hallway, we gained access to the control room, where I abused my administrator privileges to access the security data around the date that the Nancy became a bit too suspiciously quiet. I discovered a video feed that I showed directly to Mister Keller and Young Mister Shields— without watching myself, of course, as previous experience should tell you that I should not be allowed to view anything more shocking than a raw potato. I did, however, save the video to my memory banks to watch at a later point in time, when the others have deemed it safe for me to view.

Suddenly, nanobots burst from the hitherto unnoticed hive on the floor (Why do we keep forgetting to check for these things?). Mister Keller and Young Mister Shields are infected, and— oh god, wasn’t that a corpse just a moment ago? Why. Why is it moving. Corpses don’t move. Must stop it. Stop it moving. KILL IT. KILL IT NOW. KILL THE CORPSES.

Well, I think that went better than expected! After my little… incident, I took my sweet time walking out through the piles of ex-reanimated flesh, and we took off with only minor damage to the ship. Pity about the deposit.

As Mister Keller and Young Mister Shields recovered from their infection, the rest of the team and I reported to Professor Ming about our findings. I decided to show him the security video I uncovered in the control room— I still have yet to watch it, and I don’t intend to do so until I have received the All Clear from my team, but I am reasonably sure that it is related to what we were looking for.

Oh shit
Overview 4

The team arrives at the docking bay of The Nancy and are greeted with an automated AI that denies them landing access. Artie successfully hacks the AI and managed to secure landing access and admin privileges.
Upon disembarking Carson successfully lands the ship. The bay is filled with a sickly scent. Artie hacks into the mesh and acquires a map of the barge, with its three stories. With a quick perception check Carson detects bodies with scratched and wounded eyes and ears, bitten tongues, and clawed flesh. In blood on the wall, the ship warns, “foreign infection.” On closer examination he stops a chest which he discovers contains old earth money. valuable treasures. while he and hector bicker about the rewards, Ilder notices that this illness may have been caused by toxic mined gas. Their bodies are clothed in tattered, scratched clothes with knifes and other weapons on their person. She snatches a knife and Carson collects a sample to research later. The group barges into the next room, the equipment bay and look at the many scrap parts and weapons. Carson quickly discovers that the strange weapons are booby trapped to explode with foreign touch. They bypass looking at energy production and the processing facility but do break into the storage room and find many varied drugs, ammo, and weapons which they take thorough advantage of shuttling back to the ship for later selling or using.
They then take the lift up the second floor where they then examine the bazaar which contains many bodies curled in pain with removed tongues and ears. fruit and drink, advertisements and various products lie about the shuttered booths. Nano fabricators producing many rare materials dot the large room. Carson fails to turn the devices on. With that the group does not explore the second level further, but heads to the third floor.
Exiting the lift, the group enters a security area where a heavily armored person lies collapsed, having died in the middle of carving an illegible message into the table. Ilder and Hector carefully sneak into the operations center which contains two corpses, blood, vomit and the computer banks where much of the ring’s secure data is stored that the team could not access from the mesh. They call the others in.
Artie hacks into the security footage showing Xavier and Carson footage revealing Ilder and Carson opening a nanobot container that bots proceed to flood out of. Carson is horrified and takes stress from the horror of recognizing himself.
That same container lies on the floor of this room, and instantly bots swarm out. Carson and Xavier become infected and begin to feel the pull of self-mutilation and destruction.
The two bodies reanimate and Artie and Carson mercilessly destroys them as Artie begins to frenzy and Ilder is filled with panic. The hallway rustles and moans.
Hector uses his cloak to easily slink to the elevator. Carson makes an attempt but his horror and terror cause him to be engulfed, carrying the container and its risk of further infection. Ilder flies above and tries to pull him out, but ultimately retreats the elevator. Xavier threatens Carson with his knowledge of the prior video log. With struggle and perseverance Carson manages to crawl and inch his way, just barely to the elevator where he begins to tear at his skin. Hector only keeping the door ajar for a promise of an 80 percent cut of the profits from the old earth money.
Hector detonates a plasma grenade reducing the zombies to crawling limbs as they descend to the first floor.
Meanwhile Xavier crawls into a shaft and rips off an ear and Artie shoots rounds into the bodies twitching on the floor.
He then pulls xavier down and they embark into a slow march down the hallway, shooting and asking no questions.
Hector easily makes his way back through the bay and docking spar into the ship while Ilder quickly flies there, networking off so she can cart the contaminated container into the ship. She then loads up on comfurt to numb the inflicting trauma. relieved, she tells those upstairs of the zombies in the docking spar.
Carson rides with the elevator back up, meeting and pulling in Artie and Xavier.
They descend and Artie throttles the three zombies in the equipment bay. With roars and moans zombies begin to fall and splat onto the top of the elevator from the higher levels. Limbs descend to the floor and begin to crawl and come to destroy the intruders.
Locking the door behind them while causing further pain to themselves, the three enter the docking spar and then shooting and walking to their ship board it.
Artie directs the take off and he and Ilder convince Carson to give them the tranquilizers which they then use to knock out Xavier and Carson.

the fuck did we do last month?
Carson: Log 3

Very little transpired today, which may be the reason I struggle to remember the details. It’s almost as if this log is being written by a man who experienced the events in question nearly a month ago, instead of a few measly hours…

We received a mission, investigated, argued over proper courtship behavior, and about a dozen other things that I don’t really care about. Most importantly, we found some insight into whatever the hell happened before our last mission. Somehow, the Nancy is involved with “methmorphs,” which are tied to our forgotten mission. With no info on the net, and no one willing to tell us what happened, our only option is to investigate methmorphs directly on the Nancy. If firewall thinks it can take my past from me…well, it can’t.


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