Waning Tide

This place is gonna blow

overview 7

Once arriving, everyone spreads out. Artie goes out and activates all his selves. Hector cloaks and sticky bombs the area. Xavier and Carson go to activate himself as suicide bombers. the soldiers disperse and search the area, remarking on its emptiness. Ilder hides herself and prepares to backstab.
some soldiers follow.
Shit goes down. Ming convinces Carson to turn traitor and he then attempts to kill Xavier who is hiding in the vents while preparing to shock all of the arties by slaughtering one of his copies.
Artie preserves and takes the main carson down.
fire spreads in the building as the escape jams. Hector hatches an escape as Ilder backstabs and prepares to fly free. Xavier activates Hectors to fight the soliders but ultimately just tries to leave.
Arties march on killing and proceeding forward. two of himself turn, but he hacks them better.
As hector jets out through a vehicle exit and Ilder flies out, methane seeps in. the soliders try and fix the exit, but it is too late. the lake explodes gloriously.

Xavier, Carson and Artie finish adjusting to the reintergrating of their forks with various success.
So that’s what happpened.
Titan stands in ruin.



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