Waning Tide

The Penultimate Peril

overview 6

Each member of the team awakens on their own in room surrounded with their own morphs, with their belongings on the table.
Ilder is in awe of the many of her owl selves. As she pokes around her alpha-self enters the room. Ilder tries to hide herself, but the alpha knows her too well. They talk, and the alpha tells her she manages the criminal connections for the methane morphs, and has been promised methane-adapted uplifts. Ilder learns that the methane morphs want the team to betray firewall and lead them to a trap at this base, while the methane morphs destroy the protective domes of the major cities, forcing people into the mass-produced methane bodies, a glorious revolution. Ilder tentatively agrees once she learns that firewall has been mass-producing copies, and heavily editing her memories to make her an agent.
Artie activates another of himself and they engage in delight and confusion, while artie increases his bullet arsenal. As he hacks the door, his alpha-self greets him. With excitement he convinces a tentative Artie to become a traitor and a terrorist for science!
Xavier trusts his alpha-self’s plan even though he is disturbed by waking up naked, and in a vat. He does note that the other bodies are occupied.
Hector notes the other slitheroid morphs but is more concerned with the deactivated roaches on the table. As he pokes around, alpha Hector appears behind him, stealthily. His alpha self manages the scum operations, such as the nancy. With indifference, Hector goes along.
Carson is initially shocked and horrifed at his copies, and wakes up a version of himself, and they both react with confusion and outrage as carson shows the other the many copies. Then the alpha carson enters and shoots the other activated copy and carson reacts with outrage as he finds out his gun is empty. However he does not stress, and is delighted to betray firewall, and connects with his alpha.
Then the alphas and team assemble in a spartan conference room with meth morph guards. Alpha Xavier explains the plan. go to the resleeved Ming and convince him that they are deeply afraid of the methane morphs and their base, and cause a strike to distract firewall.
With a brief look around the team takes a suitably battered titan buggy and are lifted out of the lake, through the scenic exit.
Hesitantly and with a degree of convincing, Ming believes them and assembles a huge strike force, and a leader, Mr. Smith .
Its the final countdown.



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