Waning Tide

Shoot First, Ask Questions, Shoot Again.

RT40PX L0G -- Entry 5

We finally managed to work the details about our “forgotten” mission out of Professor Ming, and I must say it clears up… absolutely nothing. Apparently, on our first mission for Firewall, we died. We were actually dead. Instead of solving any of the mysteries our mission memories presented, this data raises a few new ones. You’d think if we DIED on our last mission, we wouldn’t continue to be so highly recommended. You’d think if we died, there wouldn’t be copies of ourselves walking around, poisoning people on scum barges. And most of all you’d think that I’d find this information more shocking.

In fact, of all our team, I wouldn’t have expected Mister Keller to be the first to snap.

… So, after a tiny psychotic episode, we found ourselves on the run, and Xavier and Ilder want nothing more to do with Mister Keller. I still like him, though. He’s very useful when it comes to problem solving.

But nevertheless, we need to set our personal issues about “who murdered who” aside so we can focus on the issue at hand and investigate the methane morph laboratory.

I must note here that I would be ecstatic to conduct experiments here. The production of morphs that could survive in methane-based environments would be an amazing leap for the survival of transhumanity! If only I could spend more time here— oh wait nope Firewall found us. If they would just hold on for just a moment I bet we could reach a peaceful result. Or not, they could just shoot down the doctor.

Now I’m getting serious.


installing serious personality core in 3….2….1.


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