Waning Tide

Promises of Science and a Many-Voiced Solo Opera

RT40PX L0G -- Entry 6

Woah. Electrical surge. Always makes me feel light-headed. But… Oh yes, that’s right. The battle. We took most of the Firewall agents out… and then “help” arrived, shot down the remaining agents, and then proceeded to take us out.

Of course THEY must have been the “methmorphs” we were looking for.

The next thing I know, I’m reactivating in a dark room, by myself.

That’s not to say that I’m alone, however. The room contains thirty identical Reaper-type morphs. Oh, I’m sorry, thirty-one. I forgot to count myself. Or maybe I actually did, as turning on one of the morphs resulted in an all too familiar start-up tone—

“Hi, I’m Artie, and I’m excited to be here!”

Why, so am I!

It seems to me that we really HAVE done all this before. Quite a few times, by the look of it. I must remember to tell my associates at Firewall that in order for an experiment to render different results, you usually need to CHANGE parameters, rather than blindly send the same AI into the exact same situation thirty-one times.

But that requires me to leave this place first. I’ll just open the door and- Oh, it seems that there is a thirty-second RT40PX unit, and he wants to offer me a deal. Join their organization, aiming to destroy all the oxygenated habitations on Titan, or be deactivated again.

Kind of a tough decision, but Alpha-me informed me that they WILL be leaving the smaller settlements intact, which is all we really need, and we can still further the development of methmorphs, which is the logical course of action, seeing as we are living in a methane-based environment and all…

So I’m sold! Let’s destroy civilization and anyone who opposes our cause!

Wait, maybe that’s not the best way to phrase that…



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