Waning Tide

Oh shit

Overview 4

The team arrives at the docking bay of The Nancy and are greeted with an automated AI that denies them landing access. Artie successfully hacks the AI and managed to secure landing access and admin privileges.
Upon disembarking Carson successfully lands the ship. The bay is filled with a sickly scent. Artie hacks into the mesh and acquires a map of the barge, with its three stories. With a quick perception check Carson detects bodies with scratched and wounded eyes and ears, bitten tongues, and clawed flesh. In blood on the wall, the ship warns, “foreign infection.” On closer examination he stops a chest which he discovers contains old earth money. valuable treasures. while he and hector bicker about the rewards, Ilder notices that this illness may have been caused by toxic mined gas. Their bodies are clothed in tattered, scratched clothes with knifes and other weapons on their person. She snatches a knife and Carson collects a sample to research later. The group barges into the next room, the equipment bay and look at the many scrap parts and weapons. Carson quickly discovers that the strange weapons are booby trapped to explode with foreign touch. They bypass looking at energy production and the processing facility but do break into the storage room and find many varied drugs, ammo, and weapons which they take thorough advantage of shuttling back to the ship for later selling or using.
They then take the lift up the second floor where they then examine the bazaar which contains many bodies curled in pain with removed tongues and ears. fruit and drink, advertisements and various products lie about the shuttered booths. Nano fabricators producing many rare materials dot the large room. Carson fails to turn the devices on. With that the group does not explore the second level further, but heads to the third floor.
Exiting the lift, the group enters a security area where a heavily armored person lies collapsed, having died in the middle of carving an illegible message into the table. Ilder and Hector carefully sneak into the operations center which contains two corpses, blood, vomit and the computer banks where much of the ring’s secure data is stored that the team could not access from the mesh. They call the others in.
Artie hacks into the security footage showing Xavier and Carson footage revealing Ilder and Carson opening a nanobot container that bots proceed to flood out of. Carson is horrified and takes stress from the horror of recognizing himself.
That same container lies on the floor of this room, and instantly bots swarm out. Carson and Xavier become infected and begin to feel the pull of self-mutilation and destruction.
The two bodies reanimate and Artie and Carson mercilessly destroys them as Artie begins to frenzy and Ilder is filled with panic. The hallway rustles and moans.
Hector uses his cloak to easily slink to the elevator. Carson makes an attempt but his horror and terror cause him to be engulfed, carrying the container and its risk of further infection. Ilder flies above and tries to pull him out, but ultimately retreats the elevator. Xavier threatens Carson with his knowledge of the prior video log. With struggle and perseverance Carson manages to crawl and inch his way, just barely to the elevator where he begins to tear at his skin. Hector only keeping the door ajar for a promise of an 80 percent cut of the profits from the old earth money.
Hector detonates a plasma grenade reducing the zombies to crawling limbs as they descend to the first floor.
Meanwhile Xavier crawls into a shaft and rips off an ear and Artie shoots rounds into the bodies twitching on the floor.
He then pulls xavier down and they embark into a slow march down the hallway, shooting and asking no questions.
Hector easily makes his way back through the bay and docking spar into the ship while Ilder quickly flies there, networking off so she can cart the contaminated container into the ship. She then loads up on comfurt to numb the inflicting trauma. relieved, she tells those upstairs of the zombies in the docking spar.
Carson rides with the elevator back up, meeting and pulling in Artie and Xavier.
They descend and Artie throttles the three zombies in the equipment bay. With roars and moans zombies begin to fall and splat onto the top of the elevator from the higher levels. Limbs descend to the floor and begin to crawl and come to destroy the intruders.
Locking the door behind them while causing further pain to themselves, the three enter the docking spar and then shooting and walking to their ship board it.
Artie directs the take off and he and Ilder convince Carson to give them the tranquilizers which they then use to knock out Xavier and Carson.



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