Waning Tide


Log 05

I feel like I start off these things too often by wondering how much more we could be in the category of ‘fuck ups’ but every time my mind is just blown away.
The Fuck.

So it starts off perfectly ordinary, Ming asks us to come to his office and we all arrive promptly and such, this is where things start trailing off from the usual. He locks the door and turns off networking to reveal the information we had asked a while ago about what we had done the last few months that no one can remember. Turns out, we had died on our first mission. (go team failure go) Exploring some methane lake?? We are actually back ups of our originals. I’m a little, ok more than a little, totally shocked. I stare at my fingers in my wings. I feel like the others bodies are more easily copied than mine, being that uplifted Owls are no longer a common thing really anymore. As if uplifts will ever really be common. I shudder to think who I was, or what I am. Or maybe I’m not even living maybe the whole time I was some type of super advanced android to think I was living.

Then things get really fucked up, I had almost forgotten, but Carson had this whole thing where he hated branches of peoples minds and bodies, and was glad he was the only copy he knew of himself. He totally flipped out over Ming’s big reveal and threatened to shoot him. The little kid, Xavier, surprised me and had Carson down for a short while using his little stun gun, thing. While persuading Ming to tell us more! He says, after seeing the video from The Nancy of Me and Carson with the hive and I yell “WHAT VIDEO?” me and Artie are quickly shown the video of me and Carson releasing the hive of nanobots in The Nancy. While I’m pretty sure that isn’t me and I’d never think to do that, as of 5 minutes ago I’m not totally 100% sure anymore. I wish I had taken the risk to look at it back when everyone else did.

Ming thinks we didn’t die the way they had originally thought and gives us some coordinates to the lake we were first at, admitting he will tell Firewall he’s told us this info.

Keller just completely lost whatever he had left after getting up from the kids stun earlier and shoots Ming in the knee!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM HE WAS HELPING US!?
Ming immediately presses the panic button, unlocking the door we came in.

I no longer want to be any part of this plan, wherever it was going, so I promptly leave with Xavier and Hector. Walking quickly back to the ship but not running so I don’t draw any extra attention, Swearing to myself the whole way.

After we get to the ship Xavier and I start debating whether we should just leave Carson behind or not and Artie says “We should wait for him” I GLARE at him wondering how moronic you have to be to have such thoughts. I also notice in that time that Hector is going through all of our things, when Carson comes back, SOAKED in blood. He gets it all over everyone by shaking himself and COME ON, it takes FOREVER for me to clean these feathers!!! Asshole. Since he is the only one who knows how to fly the ship well, he flies over to the coordinates we were given and lands. No one wants to leave him here despite how tense Xavier and I are about him currently, because he’ll obviously just leave with the ship. So now he has to go first though setting off any traps we encounter.

Everyone gets off the ship and there are three buildings inside a shattered dome, if you want to call the small hut a building. Sets of footprints are in the ground but don’t appear to be ours…Or at least I can’t tell anyhow. We investigate the hut to find a bunch of scribbles I can’t read and pictures on the wall. Apparently this is some sort of message room. The first building has body parts in jars and other medical equipment. It reminds me of the labs from my youth and I get painfully nostalgic. The second building has living quarters and an office. Seeing as I still can’t read I check out the living quarters and notice lots of people have gone through here, and left 17 cents in the couch, yes!! There is also a wallet, knowing how much Hector likes those I leave it where I found it.

We leave to be shot at by 6 people who have just jumped down from the roof, the bullet pinging off of Hectors body. They claim they are from firewall, but something tells me they really aren’t, or are connected to ourselves from before. While bullets are being fired all around and from both sides, I take a flight upward to get an arial view of the area. Nothing other than their ship and ours really stands out at the first glance I get, but I’m quickly shot at and end up spending all my time dodging most of the bullets. One of the bullets hit me and I begin to spiral down. Before I hit the ground though I fly back up and get a much clearer look. There are a bunch of really specific containers to hold us all, even a Bird Cage for me. They’ve obviously done this before. I begin to wonder which copy I even am, since it seems we might not be the second at all.

After the battle is over I fly over to congratulate the team before being immediately knocked out by shadowy figures.


“There are a bunch of really specific containers to hold us all, even a Bird Cage for me. They’ve obviously done this before. "
I love the realizations


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