Waning Tide


Log 04

So we are on the way to The Nancy in our fancy rented ship, I’m a bit nervous we aren’t using another body, thing, I have already forgotten what the official term is. Anyway I have the confidence that we will not completely fuck up this mission. Or I did. I seem to still have

After Artie, the talking gun, hacked us in and we exit the ship I immediately feel uneasy with this low gravity, the only advantage being it makes my new gun much easier to drag around. It’s kind of heavy in normal gravity situations. Then I noticed on the wall written in blood ‘INFECTION’ and almost feel sick in my gizzard. I really need to get the fuck over this shit, it happens EVERY MISSION. I mean really, I should be over this, these dead bodies, you can’t have a firewall mission without dead bodies. Look there they are now, being dead. Maybe it’s the INTENSE ODOR that will never leave that puts me off.

After noticing the cause of death was a toxic mining gas, I ask Carson to check to see if the dead bodies have an infection that was cryptically left on the wall near by. After doing so we start exploring the area cautiously and discover a room filled with drugs! Sweet, precious, sometimes mind altering drugs. I shouldn’t be this excited but anything to calm me down now and in the future would be a great help on these incredibly freaky missions. I take a look around and my muse indicates some stress relief yogurt. I take a handful of them for my personal use and keep looking around.

We take an elevator up and find what was the Bazaar. More dead bodies! My favorite. They are curled up and have their tongues and ears ripped out…It’s really fucking disturbing. I keep moving and looking around so I don’t focus too long on any one body or thing.

We move on to the third floor, which is apparently the security floor. As the doors open I notice the same odor of death and decomposition as the other two and see the dead body on the floor, with the message no one can read. Hector and I decide to sneak in the operations room carefully with our invisibility gear and see two more dead bodies and their disgusting remains across the floor. We call the rest of the group in, and Artie starts hacking the system. He says he’s found something but with his, incredibly stable programing and my gizzard in knots we both don’t see the footage. Carson makes a horrifying face and I assume it was how everyone died, or not. I’m not really sure I care anymore. Waiting for their video to end, I notice a odd container on the ground. After the video Nanobots swarm out of it and into the corpses and START COMING BACK TO LIFE__ IF YOU COULD CALL BEING A ZOMBIE ALIVE. I instantly start panicking and my eyes dash across the room for exits or trees or anything and I start backing up into the wall from these HORROR TERRORS!

I have a brief moment of relief as I remember my new gun is at my side and attempt to take aim and shoot, and miss terribly, then I get back to panicking and my heart is doing back flips front flips OH FUCK I HAVE TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

I put my gun on my back and open my wings fully and flap as hard as I can in the direction of the elevator. I see Carson reaching out and I attempt to help him into the elevator with my tallons and miss completely. Perched on Hector in elevator while panicking I observe Hector and Carson arguing about some old earth treasure he found at the beginning of the mission and I just want to gauge both their eyes out repeating over and over in my head “WE NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW!”. They finally agree on something and the doors close. I hear an explosion go off as we descend lower and lower.

While descending I discover that Carson is still holding the EVIL HIVE with him and he is clawing at his face,cursing his own senses. I look away as to not get fully traumatized while in the elevator. In between screams of pain Carson asks that I take the horrid thing back to the ship and I immediately refuse to even touch the object, he insists that it will be important to the mission and I agree seeing as we went through all of this trouble I might as fucking well, to avoid any return missions. I turn off my networking to prevent infection from any remaining bots inside the hive.

As the doors slowly open my only thought is to FLY THE FUCK AWAY. When the doors were completely open I take to the odd gravity skies and fly over the other reanimated corpses and into the ship, locking the door behind me. I throw the evil object into a random room and lock that door as well, and take a huge breath of relief, I’m alive.

I suddenly remember all the yogurt I had taken earlier and devour two containers. I can feel the stress melting away. A few deep breaths later and I’m more than ok, I’m AWESOME. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. Moments pass before I remember to turn back on my network and tell everyone about the other reanimated corpses near the ship. I kind of doze off into my own world for the next few hours remarking how awesome everything is as the rest find their way back to the ship.


yummy yummy yogurt


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