Waning Tide

Full Automatic with a Hair Trigger

RT40PX L0G -- Entry 4

Honestly, I expected breaking into a scumbarge fronting a black market bazaar would be a lot harder, but 20 seconds of snooping and I managed to get us in AND landed myself admin privileges to boot.

If only I could make our team be a cohesive group just as easily. Mister Keller and Hector never can get along. I have no idea what they were fighting over this time, I turned away pretty quickly after Mister Keller found those bodies… The blood on the wall warned us of “foreign infection,” so it might have made sense at that point to switch off our communications temporarily, like we did on our last mission… what? no? We’re not doing that? Okay then.

Most of the rest of the barge proved to be of little interest to us— only a few uniquely interesting weapons that we couldn’t safely examine, a storage hangar filled to the brim with drugs, wonderful drugs (unfortunately nothing that could help a poor pure artificial entity… say, a physics simulator with an unfortunate inability to cope with stress), and a poorly labeled room on the ground floor— until we got to the top floor.

Thanks to Mister Liar and Hector’s fearless reconnaissance of an empty hallway, we gained access to the control room, where I abused my administrator privileges to access the security data around the date that the Nancy became a bit too suspiciously quiet. I discovered a video feed that I showed directly to Mister Keller and Young Mister Shields— without watching myself, of course, as previous experience should tell you that I should not be allowed to view anything more shocking than a raw potato. I did, however, save the video to my memory banks to watch at a later point in time, when the others have deemed it safe for me to view.

Suddenly, nanobots burst from the hitherto unnoticed hive on the floor (Why do we keep forgetting to check for these things?). Mister Keller and Young Mister Shields are infected, and— oh god, wasn’t that a corpse just a moment ago? Why. Why is it moving. Corpses don’t move. Must stop it. Stop it moving. KILL IT. KILL IT NOW. KILL THE CORPSES.

Well, I think that went better than expected! After my little… incident, I took my sweet time walking out through the piles of ex-reanimated flesh, and we took off with only minor damage to the ship. Pity about the deposit.

As Mister Keller and Young Mister Shields recovered from their infection, the rest of the team and I reported to Professor Ming about our findings. I decided to show him the security video I uncovered in the control room— I still have yet to watch it, and I don’t intend to do so until I have received the All Clear from my team, but I am reasonably sure that it is related to what we were looking for.


oh artie and your blinders

Full Automatic with a Hair Trigger

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