Waning Tide

Blaze of Glory

Carson: Log 6

Whelp, everything I ever believed was a lie. I used to constantly be afraid that I wasn’t the true Carson, that I was just a shadow of the man whose name I use. Now I know this for a certainty, and I don’t even care anymore. The disgust I felt seeing all the copies in the vats, that’s all gone now that I know what I am. This plan is a monstrosity, and it will result in the deaths of millions. If there is any humanity left in this ego, I should kill my alpha and his companions immediately and save this shit-hole of a moon. But I just don’t care. Firewall tried to dance me on their strings, and their destruction is all that matters. I will burn this world to the ground to end Ming and his friends and if I am very, very lucky…

…I might get to execute that bastard twice.

And not a bit too soon, apparently the morning after an assassination is even worse than the morning after a one night stand. Damn that was awkward.



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