Waning Tide

Acapella Robot Orchestra

RT40PX L0G -- Entry 7, Final.

I’ve said it before— Firewall puts far too much stock in us. It’s like they DIDN’T expect us to ally ourselves with OURSELVES and lead them into an obvious trap. I regret not lining the entrance tunnel with my spare selves, the acoustics would have been perfect for a song while I gunned their task force down.

But instead I had to make do with activating my army with only a small portion of the task force within range. Such a pity. At least they had the decency to go down fast.

That’s when things started to go to hell.

Fires burst out in the main hall, Ming tries to get Mister Keller to turn on us AND SUCCEEDS, the primary exit from the facility breaks down, and a pair of my copies consider going rogue.

Fortunately all of these don’t seem to be much of a detriment to us, as the fires distract the task force (they seem to be scared of the idea of a large fire breaking out under a methane lake, who knew?), Carson’s army of clones resigned to their own messy deaths seems to have a problem with him turning on them, Hector easily finds a secondary exit, and it’s not particularly difficult to convince myself to change my allegiance.

Before Carson could be dealt with, however, there was a minor trouble. He seemed to think that the best way to stop a horde of unstoppable killing machines is to attempt to inflict emotional distress onto them. This is admittedly a fair strategy, when you consider my previous experiences with any small nervous shock, but any plan starts to fall apart if one decides to enact it while standing directly in the line of fire. This is what we call a “Bad Idea,” Mister Keller.

With the traitor neutralized, the task force weakened and distracted, and methane beginning to seep into the facility, I believe it is high time to make my daring escape.

Oh. No, the time to make my daring escape was about five minutes ago, as the large methane explosion rapidly approaching me seems to indicate.



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