Waning Tide

The Last Log

Welp. This is probably the last time I’ll bother to make one of these, seeing as I have nothing to do really with Firewall anymore, and almost everyone on the team that I knew minus one is dead. It’s kind of a long story..involving a huge explosion, and I ran, rather flew away…Anyway of course our Alphas are running around doing their own spaceshit. So I guess now I go back to doing what I was doing before this whole mess…Man it’s been a really long time… I don’t want to cause any noise though, just..Fade into the background for a while. Maybe I should get to Learnin to read’n shit…


I should, however, see what my old pals are up too…

((Look I made a comic!!))

Okay, even I think it was dick move
Carson: Final Log

At this point, I don’t think my loyalty counts for anything anymore. As much as I’d like to think that my life fulfills destiny’s need to auto-balance the teams, I may have once again crossed the line. Turning on Ming may have been a fairly natural development, but this backstabbing is becoming an obsession bordering on the fetishistic.

Addiction is a powerful thing.

So, we bust into the compound commando style with a small army from firewall, all set to spring the trap and kill billions. I even figured out a way to involve my clones in the slaughter, even though I only had one gun. Armies can always have a few more suicide bombers. Thank goodness Xavier was there to help me convince them it was a good idea, otherwise that could have been a pretty tough sell. But even then, I’m confident that the Power of Poem would have eventually worked; I mean, who WOULDN’T die for me after this gem:

“Proud, the hero stands true in command,
Sure in his judgment and where he should stand,
Arrogant and vain, he thinks his will free,
Trembling, the knave now knows what he be,
Here, one question remains to be sought,
‘How any here can make right what was lost?’
Humbly, I offer a plan for my pawns,
Go down in fire like a Phoenix at dawn.”

Damn, I’m awesome. The cleansing fires would have razed this miserable rock into…well, it doesn’t really matter, seeing as how at that point Ming said he had my memories. Emptying half my bullets towards a terrified and retreating Xavier wasn’t really a choice, so much as a duty. I owed it to each and every clone beside me to find out who we are. Also I wanted to know. Really badly. Really, really badly.

Not that my (most recent) betrayal mattered to much, getting pinned down by 30 Arties inside 2 minutes. Least effective backstabbing, ever. I thought painting the hallway in the freshly drawn blood of a slain clone would at least slow them down, but I guess they just picked THAT EXACT MOMENT to become emotionally stable.

After a long history of being the most naive, fragile, noodle-based-traumatic robot EVER to live in this filthy, dystopian, BULLSHIT EXCUSE FOR A SOCIETY, he decided THAT FUCKING SECOND was a great time to become a jaded badass who can laugh in the face to horror and shrug of Lovecraftian Abominations unphased. EXCUSE ME for expecting a little continuity of character in the people I know, I must have been a RAGING, CHEMICALLY IMBALANCED FUCK-ASS to think that robots can’t SUDDENLY have some kind of MOTHERFUCKING CATHARSIS and overcome EVERY FUCKING fear in this FUCKING UNIVERSE.

Suffice to say I got shot. And since the other clones didn’t like getting sacrificed willy nilly for my improvised plans, they finished me themselves. the end.

Acapella Robot Orchestra
RT40PX L0G -- Entry 7, Final.

I’ve said it before— Firewall puts far too much stock in us. It’s like they DIDN’T expect us to ally ourselves with OURSELVES and lead them into an obvious trap. I regret not lining the entrance tunnel with my spare selves, the acoustics would have been perfect for a song while I gunned their task force down.

But instead I had to make do with activating my army with only a small portion of the task force within range. Such a pity. At least they had the decency to go down fast.

That’s when things started to go to hell.

Fires burst out in the main hall, Ming tries to get Mister Keller to turn on us AND SUCCEEDS, the primary exit from the facility breaks down, and a pair of my copies consider going rogue.

Fortunately all of these don’t seem to be much of a detriment to us, as the fires distract the task force (they seem to be scared of the idea of a large fire breaking out under a methane lake, who knew?), Carson’s army of clones resigned to their own messy deaths seems to have a problem with him turning on them, Hector easily finds a secondary exit, and it’s not particularly difficult to convince myself to change my allegiance.

Before Carson could be dealt with, however, there was a minor trouble. He seemed to think that the best way to stop a horde of unstoppable killing machines is to attempt to inflict emotional distress onto them. This is admittedly a fair strategy, when you consider my previous experiences with any small nervous shock, but any plan starts to fall apart if one decides to enact it while standing directly in the line of fire. This is what we call a “Bad Idea,” Mister Keller.

With the traitor neutralized, the task force weakened and distracted, and methane beginning to seep into the facility, I believe it is high time to make my daring escape.

Oh. No, the time to make my daring escape was about five minutes ago, as the large methane explosion rapidly approaching me seems to indicate.

This place is gonna blow
overview 7

Once arriving, everyone spreads out. Artie goes out and activates all his selves. Hector cloaks and sticky bombs the area. Xavier and Carson go to activate himself as suicide bombers. the soldiers disperse and search the area, remarking on its emptiness. Ilder hides herself and prepares to backstab.
some soldiers follow.
Shit goes down. Ming convinces Carson to turn traitor and he then attempts to kill Xavier who is hiding in the vents while preparing to shock all of the arties by slaughtering one of his copies.
Artie preserves and takes the main carson down.
fire spreads in the building as the escape jams. Hector hatches an escape as Ilder backstabs and prepares to fly free. Xavier activates Hectors to fight the soliders but ultimately just tries to leave.
Arties march on killing and proceeding forward. two of himself turn, but he hacks them better.
As hector jets out through a vehicle exit and Ilder flies out, methane seeps in. the soliders try and fix the exit, but it is too late. the lake explodes gloriously.

Xavier, Carson and Artie finish adjusting to the reintergrating of their forks with various success.
So that’s what happpened.
Titan stands in ruin.

Blaze of Glory
Carson: Log 6

Whelp, everything I ever believed was a lie. I used to constantly be afraid that I wasn’t the true Carson, that I was just a shadow of the man whose name I use. Now I know this for a certainty, and I don’t even care anymore. The disgust I felt seeing all the copies in the vats, that’s all gone now that I know what I am. This plan is a monstrosity, and it will result in the deaths of millions. If there is any humanity left in this ego, I should kill my alpha and his companions immediately and save this shit-hole of a moon. But I just don’t care. Firewall tried to dance me on their strings, and their destruction is all that matters. I will burn this world to the ground to end Ming and his friends and if I am very, very lucky…

…I might get to execute that bastard twice.

And not a bit too soon, apparently the morning after an assassination is even worse than the morning after a one night stand. Damn that was awkward.

Log 06

I’ve been thinking about how to write this out for a while, and I couldn’t think of a way to start this out that didn’t totally depress me the fuck out. But I mean, who wouldn’t be after waking to about 40 so other clones just like you? Sure. They’re not doing anything, but….

Anyway. After we talk awkwardly we move on to some sort of meeting room, decide to trick firewall into something, whatever. Not really in the mood for missions and shit. I go with it anyway. Something to keep my mind off of the clones. Although talking to myself and double everyone is kind of ultra creepy. I can always tell me from her though. Clone from original. Original me has a lot more battle scars, and show of wear and tear. While I look much cleaner, newer. I wonder after this is over what I’m even supposed to do. Clearly OMe has her plans here doing shit. I don’t really care, but I don’t want to stay here. I wonder how the rest of us birds are doing. Maybe we should all join back up.


Promises of Science and a Many-Voiced Solo Opera
RT40PX L0G -- Entry 6

Woah. Electrical surge. Always makes me feel light-headed. But… Oh yes, that’s right. The battle. We took most of the Firewall agents out… and then “help” arrived, shot down the remaining agents, and then proceeded to take us out.

Of course THEY must have been the “methmorphs” we were looking for.

The next thing I know, I’m reactivating in a dark room, by myself.

That’s not to say that I’m alone, however. The room contains thirty identical Reaper-type morphs. Oh, I’m sorry, thirty-one. I forgot to count myself. Or maybe I actually did, as turning on one of the morphs resulted in an all too familiar start-up tone—

“Hi, I’m Artie, and I’m excited to be here!”

Why, so am I!

It seems to me that we really HAVE done all this before. Quite a few times, by the look of it. I must remember to tell my associates at Firewall that in order for an experiment to render different results, you usually need to CHANGE parameters, rather than blindly send the same AI into the exact same situation thirty-one times.

But that requires me to leave this place first. I’ll just open the door and- Oh, it seems that there is a thirty-second RT40PX unit, and he wants to offer me a deal. Join their organization, aiming to destroy all the oxygenated habitations on Titan, or be deactivated again.

Kind of a tough decision, but Alpha-me informed me that they WILL be leaving the smaller settlements intact, which is all we really need, and we can still further the development of methmorphs, which is the logical course of action, seeing as we are living in a methane-based environment and all…

So I’m sold! Let’s destroy civilization and anyone who opposes our cause!

Wait, maybe that’s not the best way to phrase that…

Perhaps I over-reacted
Carson: Log 5

So….that happened.

I can remember when I decided to become a doctor. I wanted to heal people, I was disgusted with all of the pain and evil in the world and I wanted to do what I could to make it better. When I started my first practice, I thought I had made it; that I was finally part of the solution.

I’ll be honest, I’ve killed before. The end of the world is a great way to end naivete. But they all had guns, or were trying to kill me, and last night I may have crossed a line. I won’t say I liked Ming, in fact I resented the fact that he clearly held back part of my past from me, but I probably didn’t need to blow out his kneecap and end him execution style in the back of his head. That may have gone too far.

But when I found out what they did, when I found out what I was…I just couldn’t take it. I know it’s against anything I ever stood for. But he had to pay. Everything is a little blurry after that; I can remember investigating where we “died.” I can also remember being attacked and getting shot. Sweet mother of Misha ever-fucking Collins did I get shot. Then it just sort of fades to black…

The Penultimate Peril
overview 6

Each member of the team awakens on their own in room surrounded with their own morphs, with their belongings on the table.
Ilder is in awe of the many of her owl selves. As she pokes around her alpha-self enters the room. Ilder tries to hide herself, but the alpha knows her too well. They talk, and the alpha tells her she manages the criminal connections for the methane morphs, and has been promised methane-adapted uplifts. Ilder learns that the methane morphs want the team to betray firewall and lead them to a trap at this base, while the methane morphs destroy the protective domes of the major cities, forcing people into the mass-produced methane bodies, a glorious revolution. Ilder tentatively agrees once she learns that firewall has been mass-producing copies, and heavily editing her memories to make her an agent.
Artie activates another of himself and they engage in delight and confusion, while artie increases his bullet arsenal. As he hacks the door, his alpha-self greets him. With excitement he convinces a tentative Artie to become a traitor and a terrorist for science!
Xavier trusts his alpha-self’s plan even though he is disturbed by waking up naked, and in a vat. He does note that the other bodies are occupied.
Hector notes the other slitheroid morphs but is more concerned with the deactivated roaches on the table. As he pokes around, alpha Hector appears behind him, stealthily. His alpha self manages the scum operations, such as the nancy. With indifference, Hector goes along.
Carson is initially shocked and horrifed at his copies, and wakes up a version of himself, and they both react with confusion and outrage as carson shows the other the many copies. Then the alpha carson enters and shoots the other activated copy and carson reacts with outrage as he finds out his gun is empty. However he does not stress, and is delighted to betray firewall, and connects with his alpha.
Then the alphas and team assemble in a spartan conference room with meth morph guards. Alpha Xavier explains the plan. go to the resleeved Ming and convince him that they are deeply afraid of the methane morphs and their base, and cause a strike to distract firewall.
With a brief look around the team takes a suitably battered titan buggy and are lifted out of the lake, through the scenic exit.
Hesitantly and with a degree of convincing, Ming believes them and assembles a huge strike force, and a leader, Mr. Smith .
Its the final countdown.

Shoot First, Ask Questions, Shoot Again.
RT40PX L0G -- Entry 5

We finally managed to work the details about our “forgotten” mission out of Professor Ming, and I must say it clears up… absolutely nothing. Apparently, on our first mission for Firewall, we died. We were actually dead. Instead of solving any of the mysteries our mission memories presented, this data raises a few new ones. You’d think if we DIED on our last mission, we wouldn’t continue to be so highly recommended. You’d think if we died, there wouldn’t be copies of ourselves walking around, poisoning people on scum barges. And most of all you’d think that I’d find this information more shocking.

In fact, of all our team, I wouldn’t have expected Mister Keller to be the first to snap.

… So, after a tiny psychotic episode, we found ourselves on the run, and Xavier and Ilder want nothing more to do with Mister Keller. I still like him, though. He’s very useful when it comes to problem solving.

But nevertheless, we need to set our personal issues about “who murdered who” aside so we can focus on the issue at hand and investigate the methane morph laboratory.

I must note here that I would be ecstatic to conduct experiments here. The production of morphs that could survive in methane-based environments would be an amazing leap for the survival of transhumanity! If only I could spend more time here— oh wait nope Firewall found us. If they would just hold on for just a moment I bet we could reach a peaceful result. Or not, they could just shoot down the doctor.

Now I’m getting serious.


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